Olivia Urig ~ originally from Charleston, SC. 

  • Personal story with Rolfing ~

My family found the therapy when I was in high school. I needed help with growing pains, scoliosis, turned in foot, and back pain. Did not realize how much it meant to my body until later when I was a college athlete with a quad strain that wouldn't go away for months. Spent an overkill of time on PT - ice/heat, stem/ultrasound foam rolling, strengthening/stretching, you name it! It would not go away! Finally, as a last ditch effort, I went to my Rolfer and was healed and ready for training the next day. I found out in that session that most strains are soft/connective tissue related. Low and behold, Rolfers work directly with fixing such tissue; among other things as well. 

Something about Rolfing always stuck with me but it wasn't till a few years after my undergrad that I went to go discover what that was. I had always known that it lasted on my body a long time but didn't realize it actually impacted my body's health over my lifetime and continues to do so. Now I can share the amazing transformative effects that I have experienced with Rolfing with you!