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Olivia Urig is a Certified Rolfer from the The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. She is originally from Charleston, SC. Along with graduating with an undergrad degree, she comes from a background filled with soccer. During her college years, she had a  career as a  Division 1 college soccer student-athlete, and now transitioned to a role as an Elite Soccer Referee.  She draws on an extensive background and personal experience with sports training and the integration of Rolfing therapy. As an athlete, she understands the demands and pressures put on one's body to perform at the highest level. She finds fulfillment in helping any type of athlete reach their full potential, and maintain/enhance physical wellness & movement.



My family found the therapy when I was in high school. I needed help with growing pains, scoliosis, turned in foot, and back pain. Did not realize how much it meant to my body until later when I was a college athlete with a quad strain that wouldn't go away for months. Spent an overkill of time on PT - ice/heat, stem/ultrasound foam rolling, strengthening/stretching, you name it! It would not go away! Finally, as a last ditch effort, I went to my Rolfer and was healed and ready for training the next day. I found out in that session that most strains are soft/connective tissue related. Low and behold, Rolfers work directly with fixing such tissue; among other things as well. 

Something about Rolfing always stuck with me but it wasn't till a few years after my undergrad that I went to go discover what that was. I had always known that it lasted on my body a long time but didn't realize it actually impacted my body's health over my lifetime and continues to do so. Now I can share the amazing transformative effects that I have experienced with Rolfing with you!

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